Game meat goulash with maize porridge

Game meat goulash with maize porridge



game meat goulash with maize porridge

bellies with goranian filling-“budl”

homemade cow milk cheese – “skripavac”

baked potatoes and sauerkraut

homemade sausages- “pecenice” with cabbage

potato halves with bacon

young boar baked under “peka” (a metal lid)

“sarma” (cabbage rolls)

roasted dormouse, dormouse goulash

smoked meat- deer, boar

“prsut” (dry-cured ham)

bear paw


fish and mushrooms

strudel and pastries with forest fruit

juices, liqueurs, wine from forest fruit

honey and honey brandy…

You can taste all of this and more in our restaurants:

HOTEL "BITORAJ" info : + 385 (0)51 830-005

TAVERN "VOLTA" info : + 385 (0)51 830-030

HUNTING LODGE "ARNIKA" info : + 385 (0)51 835-187

GUESTHOUSE "VRATA" info : + 385 (0)51 830-236

PIZZERIA "LANDRAVEC" info : + 385 (0)51 835-777



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