Recommendations for excursions in the Municipality of Fužine

Recommendations for excursions in the Municipality of Fužine


    VRELO CAVE will be open during the school holidays from 11th to 17th January 2021. according to the following schedule:
    Monday (11.1.) - from 11:30 - 13:00
    Tuesday (12.1.) - Friday (15.1.) - from 11:00 - 13:00
    Saturday (January 17) and Sunday (January 18) - from 11:00 to 15:00

    ✅ Entrance is every half hour, the last entrance is at 12:30 OR 14:30, depends of a day.
    ✅ Entrance fee: adults 30,00 kn, children 25,00 kn, family street (two adults and up to three children) 60,00 kn
    ✅ Due to epidemiological measures, up to 10 people per tour are allowed to enter the cave.

    ✅ In the area of ​​Plasa in Vrata, in the area towards Amusement and Paintball Park Vrata, immediately after the crossing of the railway to the right, it will be prepared during Saturday 9.1. in the morning TOWBARING for all interested small and large visitors. The toboggan run does not have a lift, you go "on your feet", but we believe that it will not be a problem for everyone who wants to have fun in the snow. The toboggan run will not be charged.
     On Wednesday, January 13, at our toboggan run in Vrata, all visitors will have the opportunity to ride with our Uja & Lisca on sledges from 11 am to 3 pm.
    For those who don't know, Ujo is our coachman, and his faithful horse is the Fox. Horse-drawn sleigh rides for 4 people are: for half an hour of driving 50 kn, an hour 100 kn

    From other activities we recommend:
  • Excursion site Forest Fairy Tale (open by appointment - on the number 098 / 326-573) in Lič
  • Popović's mill in Delnice - tour 15,00 kn per person (with announcement Alen Beljan - 099 / 197-15-20)
  • Tasting of liqueurs and digestifs of Gorski kotar - Vid Arbanas - house of nature in Lokve - 15.00 kn per person (098 / 965-91-56) - by appointment
  • Skating rink in Delnice - but with the remark that you must arrive at least 45 minutes earlier, because they receive 25 people at the entrance ( 2020-2021.png)
  • riding with quads is always an interesting option (
    if you want a licensed guide to Gorski Kotar - contact the Lynx and Fox guide
  • We definitely recommend a walk around Lakes Bajer and Lepenica in this winter atmosphere. Enjoy with our swans
    Catering facilities in the area of ​​the Municipality of Fužine that offer food for outside:
     Hotel Bitoraj
    Arnica Hunting Lodge
    Tavern Volta and rooms Ella
    ROYAL FOOD in the center of Fužine

    ✅ From other interesting contents in Gorski kotar - we single out:

  • Ski resort Čelimbaša in Mrkopalj:
  • It will work on Friday, Saturday and Sunday  but everything depends on the weather.
    Currently, only the tourist ski trail is arranged.
    Opening hours: 09-16 hours
    All-day ticket price: HRK 100.00
    Half-day ticket price: 60.00 kn
    In the ski area you have a toboggan run - no charge, no conveyor belt.
    Hostel Ski resort Mrkopalj  offers drinks and food outside.
    Of the other open ski resorts, it is possible to visit the ski resort on Platak - more information at;
    Note: due to great interest, crowds are possible for the weekend upon arrival at Platak. Therefore, we need to plan an earlier arrival at the ski resort, have understanding and patience, given the epidemiological measures, which we must adhere to.

  • * Municipality of Fužine - place Vrata - area Plase - towards the Amusement and paintball park Vrata immediately after crossing the railway to the right. There is no conveyor belt and currently there is no catering offer - the trail is scheduled to be prepared tomorrow from 11 am.
    * Municipality of Lokve - tomorrow, from January 9, 2021, starting at 10:00 am, they will open the toboggan run of the Croatian Toboggan Center "Jezero" ... the trail above the former bistro "Jezero" ... from 17.00 to 20.00.
    For all those who are not familiar with the trail and the way of sledding on it, we send a few notes:
    - sledding at your own risk
    - without fees and registration fees
    - without catering offer
    - without the possibility of renting a sled
    - track without conveyor belt
    The toboggan run at the Petehovac Mountaineering Center, without a conveyor belt, is free of charge, offers food and drinks outside.
  • Fans of Nordic skiing will have the opportunity to use the trails in Ravna Gora, Skrad, Mrkopalj and Delnice.
    Use of the trail is free of charge.
    ✅Trails in Ravna Gora (1.3 and 2.5 km) are arranged for recreational cross-country skiing - more information at TSK Ravnogorac
    ✅Trails in Skrad - in the area of ​​Skradska draga, from the entrance to Skradska draga to Perić, ski trails for cross-country skiing and walking have been made. The organizers ask drivers of cars, jeeps, quads and other traffic to take the road to the locker rooms of NK Polet, where there is a parking space. Traffic from Skradska draga via Perić to Hripac is prohibited.
    More information at Ski Club POLET Skrad
    ✅In the area of ​​Mrkopalj, cross-country ski trails have been made in the area of ​​Zagmajna.
    ✅Delnice - Ski Club Goranin Delnice has arranged a ski-running track at the football stadium in Delnice.
    A lot of effort has been invested in the preparation of the slopes by the Ski Clubs of Gorski Kotar. They made them with the aim of enabling recreational skiing for all lovers of this sport, and  IT WOULD BE GREAT IF EVERYONE  KEEP THE TRACKS

    In the City of Delnice, the rink is open every day from 08:00 to 20:30. Ticket price:
    recreational skating until 2 pm - 10.00 kn
    recreational skating from 2 pm - HRK 15.00
    skate rental 10.00 kn
    subscription 10 tickets without skates 120,00 kn
    subscription 10 tickets with skates 200,00 kn
    Recommendation: 25 people are allowed per term. Therefore, we recommend arriving up to 45 minutes before the appointment, in order to arrive on time at the desired appointment.
    You can see additional information at the Goranski Sportski Centar Delnice or

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