Recommendations for excursions in the Municipality of Fužine

Recommendations for excursions in the Municipality of Fužine


relo Cave from 1.10. - 31.12.2020. works on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and on holidays or public holidays from 11:00 to 15:00.
 The last entrance to the cave is 2:30 p.m.

➡️ The cowboy village of Roswell is open only on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and public holidays.
     Working hours: from 1.10.-31.10.2020. from 11:00 to 17:00; from 1.11. - 31.12.2020.from 11:00 - 15.00
In case of rain and bad weather, Roswell will not work. In late autumn, when temperatures will be low and colder weather, it will be possible to tour the village and additional facilities: bow and arrow, shooting from Winchester, throwing horseshoes and lasso, but not horseback riding.
➡️ BICYCLE RENTAL - ALPI RENT - in the center of Fužine - working hours from 1.10.2020. only on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and public holidays from 10:00 to 17:00. In case of bad weather, bike rental will not work. Contact: 091 / 315-7777;

➡️ Excursion site Forest Fairy Tale - with the possibility of barbecue and a tour of the gatehouse with deer, hinds and wild boars
      Contact: + 385 / (0) 98 / 326-573 (
      Opening hours (Saturday and Sunday): 10:00 -17: 00. Over the week with prior notice.
      The action "Love for Love" continues in the Forest Fairy Tale.. Visitors will be able to bring some salad or carrots and feed the little one
      doe Miffi. In return, the hosts of the resort will reward valuable visitors with a nice gift.
       "Love returns with love"
➡️ Ranch Vrelo ( - also with the possibility of horseback riding. Contact: + 385 / (0) 91 / 523-24-67
Opening hours: Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 to 14:00. RANCH VRELO WILL BE CLOSED ON WEEKEND (21. and 22.11.2020.)

➡️ Carriage ride along Lake BAJER - on weekends from 11 am to 3 pm. Place of departure: at the beginning of the promenade above the dam. Price for a ride for up to 4 people half an hour 50,00 kn, an hour 100,00 kn.
In case of rain and bad weather, the carriage does not run. More information on the number: 095 / 549-43-65.

➡️ Rental of soups, rowing boats and electric drive is possible on Lake Bajer next to the beach bar "Čoka". There is a possibility of organizing a sailing school. Contact: + 385 / (0) 99 / 565-56-82

➡️ Sports center Gorica with the possibility of renting tennis courts (, Contact: + 385 / (0) 99 / 42-87-660
Free use of basketball and small football courts is possible within the sport`s center.
➡️ Ethnographic collection in Lič (…/kulturno_povijesna_zbirka_l…/20/15) - tour with prior notice to the mobile phone number + 385 / (0) 91 / 244-81-45

➡️ We recommend a walk around Lake Bajer, Lepenice in Fužine and Lake Potkoš in Lič.

➡️ Be sure to visit Preradovićev vrh with a beautiful view of the Municipality of Fužine

Closed season for:

➡️ The tourist train ran until 18.10.2020. It will continue its ride in the spring of 2021.

➡️ Ship St. Anton from 1.10.2020. - 1.6.2021. will not drive on Lake Bayer.

➡️ Adrenalin and paintball park in Vrata will not be open from 31.10.2020. - 15.4.2021.
    Contact: + 385 / (0) 95 / 807-1196; (

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