Tourist Board of the Municipality Fuzine
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Kamp i državno prvenstvo u podvodnoj orijentaciji
22.6.-25.6.2018. jezero Lepenica, Fužine
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Oldtimer rally 23.6.2018.
Izložba oldtimera od 13:30 do 14:00 sati
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Dan bobičastog voća 24.6.2018.

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Fužine Tourist Board
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Fuzine is a municipality situated 730m above sea-level, in the southwest part of Gorski kotar, surrounded by picturesque mountains, by the silence of centenary evergreen woods and by the beauty of its lakes. Since its beginnings and still today, Fuzine owe its development to the very favourable location near traffic routes – once near the road Karolina, which used to connect the interior with the littoral, and in the vicinity of the railroad, and today near the highway Zagreb-Rijeka which makes the trip to the seaside just half hour long. It is a real pleasure to stay at the seaside during summer, and spend nights in one of numerous accommodation units while breathing the pleasant night air of Gorski kotar.
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